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Have you ever wanted to know what your friends and neighbors are into when it comes to scary movies? Maybe you're planning on inviting over the whole block for an outdoor horror screening, but you have no idea what the heck to watch. You could just take a stab at what they might like, and risk crying kids and pissed off parents, or you can use this super nifty infographic to make a choice everyone will like. 

The folks over at Influenster conducted a survey of over 15,000 people across the states in order to determine which Halloween movie your state loves best. The results determined that '90s gem Hocus Pocus was hands down the number one preferred movie across the nation.

Scary Movies By State, Influenster


A whopping 12 states including Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Hawaii, Arkansas, Idaho, Oklahoma, Utah, and Indiana all said it was their fave film to watch this time of year. In second place was The Conjuring, as Arizona, California, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, South Dakota all picked it as their fave. Finally, Insidious came in at number three, with Florida, Wisconsin and West Virginia all voting it for their top pick.

As one might guess, Texas chose The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as their winner because, you know, Texas. Other states spook themselves out with everything from Jaws, Carrie and The Ring, to Saw, The Exorcist and The Shining. Pretty solid choices if you ask us. The full list of flicks by state is below if you want to know yours! 

Find out what film your state likes the best: 

Alabama: Hocus Pocus

Alaska: Saw

Arizona: The Conjuring

Arkansas: Hocus Pocus

California: The Conjuring

Colorado: Jaws

Connecticut: Paranormal Activity

Delaware: The Conjuring

Florida: Insidious

Georgia: Child's Play

Hawaii: Hocus Pocus

Idaho: Hocus Pocus

Illinois: The Conjuring

Indiana: Hocus Pocus

Iowa: Hocus Pocus

Kansas: Hocus Pocus

Kentucky: Hocus Pocus

Louisiana: Friday The 13th

Maine: The Conjuring

Maryland: Final Destination

Massachusetts: Jaws

Michigan: Hocus Pocus

Minnesota: The Conjuring

Mississippi: Final Destination

Missouri: Nightmare On Elm Street

Montana: The Sixth Sense

Nebraska: Paranormal Activity

Nevada: Halloween

New Hampshire: The Shining

New Jersey: The Exorcist

New Mexico: The Conjuring

New York: Final Destination

North Carolina: Jaws

North Dakota: The Sixth Sense

Ohio: Hocus Pocus

Oklahoma: Hocus Pocus

Oregon: Nightmare on Elm Street

Pennsylvania: Silence of the Lambs

Rhode Island: Child's Play

South Carolina: The Amityville Horror

South Dakota: The Conjuring

Tennessee: Silence of the Lambs

Texas: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Utah: Hocus Pocus

Vermont: Carrie

Virginia: The Sixth Sense

Washington: Carrie

West Virginia: Insidious

Wisconsin: Insidious

Wyoming: Saw

District of Columbia: The Ring

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