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CBS just debuted its newest comedy, The Great Indoors, which is about a journalist (former honorary millennial Joel McHale) who used to spend his days roughing it in a tent and has now been forced to work in an office, surrounded by young people. He's horrified by their use of phones and their lack of familiarity with going outside and just their general entitled youthfulness, and he makes those feelings pretty well known. 

The pilot and ads for the show have made it very clear that this is a show about a man vs. a concept known as "millennials." While it's easy to get distracted by bear cubs and international treasure Stephen Fry, when you really take a look at it, The Great Indoors doesn't seem to have much more than a stereotypical understanding of what millennials are or what they actually enjoy on TV.

So, for those of you who are confused, we've put together a handy dandy list of FAQs about millennials! 

Fall TV ads, The Great Indoors


What is a millennial? Isn't it just another way to refer to kids these days?

Nope! Millennials are generally considered to be anyone born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. So some of us are 35, and some of us are 16.

That's a really big range? Are you sure…?

Yep! We agree it makes no sense, but we did not make these rules.

Anyway, about this Great Indoors show: I thought you liked shows about millennials!

We do enjoy shows that have millennials in them, but we don't like it when those millennials are referred to as millennials. We actually hate the word "millennials."

OK, but you do love Joel McHale. You guys never shut up about Community!

We loved Joel McHale when he was a non-millennial, equal opportunity snarker on Community and The Soup. We're actually not sure what Joel McHale is doing on this show, other than making way too much money.

Ah! Speaking of money and millennials…

Here we go…

But you do realize that you'd have a lot more of it if you got a real job, right?

Of course. Do you have a "real job" to offer us?

No, but we might have some unpaid internships available. Do you have five years of experience in your field and 14 references and a college degree and your own car and health insurance?

Thanks but no thanks.

Ugh, you kids are so lazy!

And it really is true that you never go outside.

Um, excuse me? Have you seen our Instagrams?! We are literally always hiking.

And you're Instagramming while you do it! That doesn't count!

We have to have photographic evidence in order to prove to you that we go outside!

OK, calm down! No need to get upset. You guys are so sensitive.  

Well, you give us a lot to be sensitive about. What if there was a show about a 20-something arriving at an office full of older people and yelling at everyone for being old?

That would be a terrible show. And that intern would get fired immediately.

So why is the opposite of that supposed to be funny?

What, you can't tell jokes about entire groups of people anymore?

Actually, no. Not really.

This PC culture is ruining comedy!

Those mean jokes have actually never been funny.

You younger people just don't know good comedy.

Can comedy really be good if its jokes depend on being really mean to a group of people based on something arbitrary like age, gender, race, or sexual orientation, just because they're different from you?

Listen, you would probably like The Great Indoors if it were on Netflix.

I don't think Netflix would make The Great Indoors.

What if it were on Snapchat?

Snapchat doesn't really…

You kids are so entitled. We didn't have anything like Snapchat or Twitter to share our breakfasts with strangers when we were growing up. We had to call our friends on things called telephones!

Well, we have phones.

And you're on them constantly! Why don't you look up at the world around you every once in a while?

Listen, we have like five snaps and eight texts to respond to, as well as like 45 pictures from our friend's trip to Costa Rica to like and comment on. Do you have any other questions?

Wanna do a faceswap? 


The Great Indoors airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS. 

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