Now this is a showcase showdown.

This morning, (what we assume to be) millions of Americans woke up, poured themselves a cup of coffee, and settled down in front of their televisions so kick back and enjoy a soothing late-morning episode of The Price Is Right. It's a ritual nearly as sacred as this country itself—whether you're home sick, procrastinating from a freelance gig or a college student skipping class, The Price Is Right is what you watch.

But today was different. Today, those Americans witnessed history. As Kelly Clarkson famously says, some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

The episode started off as any other does: Contestants bid on dish sets and odd kitchen utensils and chandeliers they'll never install in their homes. Those that were chosen to come onstage then participated in the age-old tradition of the Showcase Showdown, in which one steps up to a larger-than-life wheel to give it a spin and get as close to $1 as possible. 


The Price Is Right GIF

Courtesy CBS

And no, we didn't accidentally hit the Caps Lock just then; this is just that important. You see, this has basically never happened before. It's a huge deal for even one single contestant to spin a combination of amounts that adds up to one dollar exactly...but for three contestants to do so? And back-to-back(-to-back)? Impossible. 

Except not so. Today, brave souls Cathryn, Manfred and Jess went from ordinary citizens to American heroes. One by one, they spun the wheel to get to that elusive even number, and one by one they found success. The result was a three-way tie. It technically ended in a tiebreaker in which Manfred went on to the final showcase to win both a car and a cruise. The American dream is alive. 

Naturally, the Internet blew up in response to this monumental television occasion, and The Price Is Right will never be the same. Neither, we imagine, will the three contestants, and we can probably be expecting their Ken Bone-esque press tours to start any minute.

Now, can we make this dream last forever?

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