Kevin Hart tearing up during his comedy tour? Oh yes, it almost happened.

While the A-list actor and comedian doesn't recommend having his two children watch the show, there was one moment when Heaven and Hendrix got to see a portion of daddy on stage.

"They were sneaking and watching my show. They're not allowed to watch my show," he told E! News' Sibley Scoles. "Dad cuss. They all know I'm cussing up there. You can't see it."

But when he approached the audience and looked backstage to see his children one evening, he received a special surprise.

"I would turn to the side and they would be sitting on the side of the stage watching and I would always nod that meant it's time to go," he shared. "I would see them take off and run… [It] choked me up a little bit."

Kevin added, "I work a lot but my kids are priority. For them to understand what I do…I got to get it back together baby."

Luckily, fans across the country will be able to experience Kevin's comedy when his stand-up concert film titled Kevin Hart: What Now opens in theaters on Oct. 14.

Filmed in front of 50,000 people at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, the project gives movie-goers a taste of the topics and people he discusses in his act. And yes, his wife Eniko Parrish is definitely fair game.

"Listen, she's my wife so she doesn't have a choice. You in this. Ain't no turning around now," he joked. "But it's never malicious. From my wife now to my father to my kids…it's never malicious. It's always about my reaction or the result of what I did from being in a situation with them. It always goes back to me."

And while consumers may not be used to seeing a comedy show in a movie theater, Kevin hopes that pop culture fans will have a new appreciation for the craft.

"I'm very passionate about the craft of comedy. I want to change the way comedy is perceived," he explained. "It's rock n roll to me. It's just as big. I got on my leather jacket. I took my Eddie Murphy notes. I want you to understand what goes into this."

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