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Chrissy Teigen isn't messing around!

It hasn't even been a week since the supermodel revealed the sex of her baby. But while tweeting up a storm this holiday weekend, John Legend's leading lady admitted that she already has names for her girl on the mind.

"@ChrissyTeigen have you thought of some possible baby names?" one Twitter follower asked Saturday evening.

Are we ready for this? The 30-year-old responded with the name "Chubz."

Before you freak the heck out, any follower of Teigen knows that she's just playing around and it's likely way too early to pick out the perfect name. And besides, BFFs Kim Kardashian and Kanye West waited until their child was born to pick out a name.

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Nonetheless, it certainly got fans laughing and even more excited for the upcoming family member. "Baby Chubz, unique & original; it's perfect lol," the follower responded.

As the countdown to baby continues, Teigen is also having a little bit of fun when it comes to her cravings and diet. As it turns out, some good old protein is the key to keeping this mom-to-be feeling right.

"I get a massive headaches that are only solved by eating red meat," she told one fan. "Get your iron boost on."

But perhaps the one guilty pleasure every parent can understand is the need for chocolate. After coming across an article that questioned the correct way to pronounce Nutella, Teigen dropped a hilarious confession.

"I pronounce it as ‘oddly accepted breakfast fudge,'" she wrote online. "Is that right?"

For any mom-to-be, we have no judgment. Besides, based on the recent bathing suit photos, this beauty is looking absolutely fab in her pregnancy journey.

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