John Stamos, Paper Magazine

PAPER/ Brian Bowen Smith

If you have a case of the Monday blues, we have something that might fix it for you: John Stamos and his bare butt.

Yes, the 52-year-old hunk is showing off his totally naked booty for Paper magazine, giving us all something to ogle over and prevent us from falling into a depression after the weekend.

By the looks of this photo, one may assume that his rear end is likely one of the more amazing things about Stamos. However, the actor says the most incredible thing about being him is all of the interesting and exciting situations and people he gets to meet daily.

John Stamos

Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

"Basically, I get to meet truly extraordinary people. I especially like the funny ones," he tells the publication. "This life has surpassed my ability to describe it. It's wondrous. I've found myself in so many absolutely unbelievable situations… it's all wonderfully insane. "

Of course, with his kind of fame there's always a downside. When it comes to the tabloids, he chooses not to read and opts out of Googling himself.

"I rarely read about myself—mostly because I'm tired of 'me'—and also if you believe the good stuff, you have to believe the bad stuff," he explains." I just stay away."

However, one thing he definitely has looked into and gotten quite the kick out of is his Wikipedia page. Though he's never edited it himself, he says, "But I remember early on reading it and someone else edited in that I had done a bunch or porno films with very funny titles. Clever." LOL!

He also can't help but fall into the social media addiction just like the rest of us. "Sometimes they all drive me crazy," he admits. "Other times, I'm thoroughly entertained. I've probably gravitated a little more towards Twitter, but I like Instagram quite a bit, too. Facebook is pretty cool. And I've been having a lot of fun on Snapchat lately."

Check out his full Paper interview here.

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