Ohhhhh Justin Bieber. Poor dear sweet dumb Justin Bieber. He's probably forgotten all about the plethora of embarrassing interviews from his youth, but now one has come back to haunt him.

And it's really, really embarrassing. Not because he's wearing a ridiculous beanie or because he doesn't have all those tattoos and muscles he's so proud of today, but because he proves that he may have been one of the ditziest tweens of all time. We're talking how-could-you-possibly-be-this-dumb-in-real-life ditzy. What's the nail in his intellectual coffin? HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT GERMAN IS. We repeat, HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT GERMAN IS.

Here's how it goes down in the video. Bieber is appearing on a talk show in New Zealand, and the interviewer asks him "'Bieber' is German for 'basketball,' true or false?'" Now regardless of whether or not you actually speak German, this should be a pretty easy question to answer. But here's how the Biebs responds: First by asking "Is what?" And then by saying in an extremely quizzical voice, "German?"

After the interviewer repeats the word a comical number of times and even shows him the word written out on the cue card, Bieber's only answer is "I don't know what that means. We don't say that in America...I like basketball if that's what you're asking me."

Um, WHAT? For those of you who have not died of sheer mortal humiliation for Justin, we ask of you: How is it possible for him to not know the word German? Sure, he's a child in this video. And sure, he probably spends less time in a classroom than the average child due to his burgeoning fame, but still. This is so, so, so, so, SO not okay.

German is not a New Zealand slang term, Justin Bieber. It is a nationality. You know, the country where you will someday have your ridiculous pet monkey impounded by the...ahem...German authorities? Maybe now it's ringing a bell.

Auf Wiedersehen, bro.

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