Megan Fox, Claudia Alende?

Instagram, Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Now that Megan Fox has officially filed for divorce, there are plenty of guys (and girls) wanting to date her.

And if you've ever dreamed of coupling up with Brian Austin Green's ex, your odds (kinda) just got better. How's that, you wonder? Well, Megan Fox has a Brazilian doppelgänger taking the Internet by storm, which means there are two dark-haired, light-eyed Megan Fox-esque beauties out there as opposed to just one.

Meet Cláudia Alende, a former Miss Bumbum contestant with 1.2 million Instagram followers of her own. Miss Bumbum is an annual competition to find the woman with the best butt in all of Brazil, and although Cláudia didn't win the title, her participation alone seems to have helped her career.

"The contest is famous around the world, and I want to be recognized around the world and become famous too," she told NPR last year, laughing.

The 20-year-old brunette beauty admitted she'd had some work done prior to entry. "It was [because] everyone was doing [it] so I did [it]," she said. (Per NPR, women are still eligible to compete in Miss Bumbum if they've had plastic surgery, just as long as it wasn't "on the backside.")

Megan, 29, denies having ever gone under the knife, and although she's nine years older than her Brazilian lookalike, Cláudia certainly seems to be flattered by the comparisons. The model and aspiring TV personality has reposted several articles to her Facebook page likening her to a certain Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star, and she seems to mimic her Megan's and makeup in several pictures as well.

Props to Cláudia for cashing in on the resemblance! To be fait, though, do you know anyone who wouldn't play it up if they looked like Megan Fox?!

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