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It's not what you think, guys!

Blake Lively headed into the kitchen Monday morning to taste some delicious Mexican food. After she enjoyed some treats—perhaps a little too much—the Gossip Girl alumna couldn't help but wonder if all of the calories went straight to her stomach.

But before any rumors start to begin, Lively wants to make one thing clear: She's not pregnant!

"No, that's not a baby in my belly…it's guacamole," she joked on Instagram after the meal. "Niño Viejo and Hoja Santa= Amaze."

She added, "P.S. Recognize the print of the skirt? Skirt and tshirt another codesign of mine for @preserve_us ... Well now I'm just bragging. Jerk."

Blake Lively, Mom


For those who need further proof that Lively isn't expecting, she recently shared a picture with her mom. While channeling the Duchess of Cambridge, the actress didn't show any signs of a baby bump in her tight Preserve dress.

While she may not have another baby on the way, the actress is loving every minute with her daughter James Reynolds. In fact, Lively has discovered that breastfeeding is quite the task.

"It's a full-time job," the 27-year-old recently shared with Allure. "I'm like driving down the road, pumping."

She added, "Most of the things I do are all-consuming, but somehow I find a way to do it all. It's not having it all; it's about doing it all but it's dangerous to dilute that to a catchphrase." 

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