Ice-T and Coco have a few months left before they officially become parents, but the couple has already made decisions when it comes to how they're going to raise daughter Chanel.

Whether it's an early curfew or not allowing her to get tattoos, the talk show couple revealed on Watch What Happens Live Sunday that they're going to be a strict set of parents! Until they have to dedicate their lives to their newborn, however, Coco will continue to tend to her husband's needs, she admitted on the show.

Coco, a star in her own right, admitted that while she enjoys her independence, she also prefers to be submissive to her husband. "I think all women should do it," she confessed.

"I'm a slave to him. It has been 15 years and it has worked out."

Ice T, Coco, WWHL


The Law & Order: SVU star was quick to chime in and defend his wife, telling viewers and host Andy Cohen that she does it "out of choice" because "she's into that." Now that she's about six months pregnant, Coco said she's soon going to start getting her house and dogs ready for the baby's arrival. But because she hardly has a bump, Cohen almost didn't believe she was pregnant!

"People think I am having a surrogate because there is nothing there, but it is there, guys! There is a lump there. See...," she said, while turning to her side.

She recently opened up in her blog post about others who couldn't believe she was expecting. "I was doing photoshoots, I was on tour with Ice in Europe and people never guessed in a million years that I was pregnant!" she wrote.

The model also said she won't be having a C-section, either, opting for the regular "push method." Naturally, Cohen asked if that meant Ice-T would give his wife a "push present," but the actor said he doesn't believe in them.

"I'm not into push presents. I think that push presents are something rich people made up," he explained. "Black people don't know nothing about no push presents. The baby is the present you should be happy with the baby."

Coco joked that the real present would be when he takes her to Taco Bell after delivery. 

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