Drake, Wimbledon

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There's not much that American loves more than a rap feud. And the still—ongoing fight between Meek Mill and Drake is entertainment gold.

It's no secret that the Internet loves anything having to do with Drizzy (sad Drake memes, anyone?), so there's no surprise that the World Wide Web went in on the latest development in this feud. As a quick refresher, this is your classic schoolyard fight. Boy tweets anti-Drake sentiment accusing him of using a ghostwriter, other boy drops a diss track in response, original boy calls said diss track "baby lotion soft," other boy drops an even harsher diss track. Are you following? Good.

Drake's latest song, "Back to Back Freestyle," came late last night to the world's surprise—and insane delight. It's chock full of digs, like "Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers," referencing Meek Mill's penchant for airing his grievances all over social media.

And then there was the Nicki Minaj reference. Oh, the Nicki Minaj reference...

The line "Is that a world tour or your girl's tour?" which poked fun at Meek for being the opening act on Nicki Minaj's tour, set people off. Consider it the diss heard 'round the world, as well as the diss that broke Twitter. Rap fans everywhere came together to freak out over this development, and they did it through memes. Lots and lots of memes. 

It's impossible to even choose a favorite, as each reaction to "Back to Back" is better than the last. Although the short video set to the theme song of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Meek Mill is from Philadelphia) certainly deserves an honorable mention.

Let's just say to Drake and to The Internet: We are not worthy.

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