Zac Efron is taking a shot at Beyoncé.

But don't worry—it's only in a movie.

The actor plays an inspiring EDM deejay in the upcoming We Are Your Friends.

In one scene in a new trailer for the film, a young woman approaches him at the deejay booth. "This party sucks," she whines. "L.A.'s dead. Can you play 'Drunk In Love'?"

Efron sneers back, "Absolutely not."

The trailer also teases us with a clip of Efron taking a shower. Let's hope we actually see below his shoulders in the movie. (Director Max Joseph promised us in April, "There is a moment when he's in the shower and it's in slow motion.")

Zac Efron, We Are Your Friends

Warner Bros.

The gorgeous Emily Ratajkowski plays Efron's love interest. In one quick clip, Efron and Ratajskowski (she played Ben Affleck's student mistress in Gone Girl) engage in some very heavy making out.

We Are Your Friends, which will be in theaters Aug. 28, also stars Jonny Weston, Jon Bernthal, Wes Bentley and Shilo Fernandez and Alex Shaffer.

And don't forget, in honor of the trailer debut, Zac has taken over E! Online's Instagram today so make sure to have a look.

Efron is currently in Hawaii shooting Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, a comedy about two brothers (Efron and Adam DeVine) who take out personal ads to find dates for a wedding.

DeVine told me a few months ago he was hiring Chris Pratt's trainer to get in shape for the movie.

"I don't want to do the movie and have people like, 'Oh yeah, that's Zac Efron and the fat guy from Pitch Perfect,'" he said. "That's not something I want. It's just a total vanity thing."

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