Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Sisters

This Christmas, we're finally going to receive the Christmas gift we've been waiting years for. (Or at least what feels like years). 

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's buddy comedy Sisters will finally be hitting the big screen. Ever since news broke of the new project (and those amazing pictures from the set hit the Internet) the flick has been at the front of our cinematic wish list. Well, patience pays off because today the very first trailer dropped. 

And let's just say the wait was worth it—Sisters is everything we hoped for. The flick, which follows two grown sisters as they return home for one last weekend in their childhood house, looks like sheer perfection. And that's not just because we'll watching anything that Fey or Poehler does. How much do we love Sisters? Let us count the ways.

1. Their first buddy movie was comedy gold. It's been seven actual years and a metaphorical lifetime since Baby Mama, but we have to pay tribute to the original Fey-Poehler flick. They had a bit of a role reversal with Tina walking the straight and narrow and Amy as the bad seed, but their chemistry shines through regardless of who they're playing. Lines like "Do you think you're at Arby's right now" and "Bitch I don't know your life!" will live on in our hearts forever.

2. We love when Tina Fey plays a hot mess. She so often takes on (and nails, we might add) the stuffy or nerdy type that it's easy to forget she likes to let her freak flag fly sometimes. This part in Sisters is just ticket. Spread your freak wings, girl.

3. There are sexual innuendos aplenty. "We are looking for a yard artisan to work on our bushes." Genius.

4. The fashion is on point. Bandage dresses? Yes. Fringe? Yes. Underteet? Yes please.

5. You can palpably feel how much fun these two are having together. In every scene they seem to be just short of cracking up, which in turn makes us crack up.

6. The inevitable press tour is going to be one for the ages. Just imagine all the one-liners and ad-libbing that's going to come out of interviews with this pair.

baby mama gif

7. They might even be compelled to stop by the Saturday Night Live studio to relive their glory days. The icing on the cake? Election season is going to be in full swing...do we smell a Hillary Clinton-Sarah Palin revival?

8. The movie's flashback scenes might give us some peaks at young Tina and young Amy. Think about it—this movie involves two grown sisters heading back to clean out their childhood home. If that doesn't scream braces-and-fat-suit we don't know what does. At the very least, we're hoping for a closet montage. 

9. Think of the cameos! There are endless possibilities for who this pair might have convinced to pop up in the movie. The trailer already gave us a taste of Maya Rudolph's part, and you can bet there's more where that came from.

10. Another amazing dance scene to constantly copy. These two are pure magic up in da club, and we'll take every chance we can get to give our impression of the Baby Mama scene. This time around there's a house party complete with a disco ball and The Sprinkler. Sign. Us. Up.

baby mama gif
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