Bethenny Frankel, Eric Stonestreet

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for CAA

When we broke the news that Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet was dating Bethenny Frankel, the reaction from the Internet peanut gallery fell into two camps. First, there was a lot of this:

"I thought he was gay!"

Nope, that's called acting. Do you think Chris Evans is actually Captain America? Same thing. Though Chris Evans is the captain of our hearts.

As for everyone else who knew Stonestreet was straight and eligible, they reacted like this was the first time two celebs ever dated each other.


We will agree that this is a surprising couple in that we don't see them running in the same circles and a lot of people didn't even realize these two knew each other. And sure, we understand that everyone was kind of caught by surprise because we didn't see too many sightings of them before we found out they were a couple. If you were taken aback by this duo for those reasons, that's totally legitimate.

But for anyone who is confused that Bethenny is with Eric in the first place…what are you confused about?

Bethenny is a single woman. Eric is a single man. They are both in the business. They are both successful. We know Eric is funny and charming due to his gig on Modern Family and witnessing his interviews. So…why again are people shocked that Bethenny is dating a handsome, funny, successful single man?

Based on a lot of the comments we read, people think she's "too pretty" for him or that they are a "weird" couple because "she's really into health and fitness." And then there was the classy "at least he will eat her leftovers."

These are actual reactions pulled from social media, so no, we're not making this up.

A surprising couple? Certainly! But a couple so "bizarre" that you can't believe they are actually dating? That we don't understand. They are two single people who are into each other.

That's it and that's all. 

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