The Hunger Games, Movie


Tickets went on sale today for The Hunger Games.

And you know what that means: The competition went starving.

So how big is the, well, hunger for Hunger?

The advance-ticket seller Fandango reported that, as of about midday, Los Angeles time, The Hunger Games was eating up fully 83 percent of its Wednesday sales.

(E! Online and Fandango are both divisions of NBCUniversal.)

Among movies opening Friday, unlike The Hunger Games, which won't be out for another month, the military thriller Act of Valor and Tyler Perry's Good Deeds each represented 2 percent of all sales.

Jennifer Aniston's Wanderlust, her non-breast-baring comedy with Paul Rudd, ranked somewhere below those two films.

There weren't any comparisons available showing how The Hunger Games was doing versus the first Twilight movie or the first Harry Potter movie, to name other franchises that got their starts as best-selling young-adult book series.

But it feels like The Hunger Games is doing what they did: feasting on the competition.   

The Hunger Games, starring Jennifer Lawrence, and hallmarks of dystopian literature, is set for open March 23. 

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