The Bodyguard, Whitney Houston

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Disgruntled fans of The Bodyguard have good reason to sing "I Have Nothing."

A mini uproar erupted yesterday when observers pointed out that the movie was no longer available for streaming on Netflix.

Conspiracy theorists quickly went into overdrive, speculating that its disappearance—which coincided with the media frenzy surrounding star Whitney Houston's death and funeral—might have been a canny ploy to get people to buy the movie on home video instead.

So was it?

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Nope, that's bogus.

Newspaper publisher and Huffington Post contributor Dan McDermott first stirred up talk about The Bodyguard going MIA from Netflix's streaming catalog yesterday, but the company quickly shot that down.

Apparently, their license to stream it expired last year, which squelches any speculation that anyone was trying to profit from DVD sales.

A spokesperson for the company told Digital Trends, "Netflix has [The Bodyguard] on DVD but not streaming. We haven't had it on streaming since the license expired last year. Nothing to do with Ms. Houston's unfortunate and untimely death."

So there you have it.

Not satisfied with just watching The Bodyguard? Well, how about actually owning a piece of the movie!

According to reports, wardrobe that Houston wore in the film will be auctioned off, giving die-hard fans a tangible memento of the fallen pop diva.

The items—a black dress, a vest and earrings—came into the possession of celebrity auctioneer Darren Julien this past weekend, and they'll be part of an auction featuring items worn by other stars, from Clark Cable to Charlie Chaplin.

All together, Houston's The Bodyguard items are expected to fetch upward of $2,000.

"It's a celebration of her life," explains Julien. "These items are historic now that she passed. They become a part of history."

Indeed, just like the late, great pop icon who once donned them.

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