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Dear Ted:
What do you think of Céline Dion's comments about Whitney Houston? The whole thing is so sad.
Remember Whitney

Dear RIP:
While Céline was clear in her admiration for the singer, she also blamed drugs and bad influences for Whitney's well-documented demise. And gal's not the only one with an opinion—many are quick to accuse ex-husband Bobby Brown for her untimely passing. Our take? There are lots of unanswered question, so let's wait for the full story before we place any blame, and simply cherish her memory for now.  

Dear Ted:
Please please please can you explain the madness of Chris Brown's "celebrated"' return to the Grammys like he's some kind of fallen hero? The whole thing made me sick.

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Dear Booing Mr. Brown:
I'm with you, A, and one of the many who believe the Grammys forgave Chris Brown much too soon. That being said, you must remember his latest album F.A.M.E. has been a huge seller, and plenty of big-name artists have lined up to work with Brown, so it's not too surprising the Recording Academy gave him a free pass. Still, Whitney Houston gets one short song and C.B. has two lengthy performances. A bit distasteful—just sayin'.  

Dear Ted: 
With all talk about Lea Michele participating or not in Spring Awakening (movie), did it show to Hollywood producers that her name attracts attention? Can we expect the Lea working on a movie anytime soon?

Dear Diva Set for the Big Screen:
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Hollywood is well aware that Lea's name attracts attention, and no doubt, we will be seeing her on the big screen. But gal's smart to hold out for the right roles—New Year's Eve certainly didn't further her career much. Be patient, B, we have full faith Lea will knock ‘em dead in a movie in time.

Dear Ted:  
Recently the head honchos at Lionsgate said that Breaking Dawn Part 2 might not be the end of the Twilight movies. They implied that whatever Stephenie Meyer wrote they would turn into film. Since Ms. Meyer doesn't seem to write a lot when her movies are being made, have you heard what Twilight characters are likely to warrant a Twilight 6 and when they would make it to the big screen? The Twilight cast is getting older after all. Ms. Meyer also wrote a "vampire novella" in 2010, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, that Eclipse director David Slade said would make a good movie. In your opinion, is Bree Tanner likely to make it to film since it is already in print? My rescue terrier, Cupcake, and I would like to know.
Cupcake and Liz

Dear Twilight Lives On:
I seriously hope not. But I wouldn't be surprised, if they can find a way to incorporate Rob and Kristen.

Dear Ted:
I was thinking that people do not like Lana Del Rey because she is manufactured product of the record label and her rich father that bankrolls her career. She is super fake and everyone can see it. Plus she totally has a deer-in-headlights look in almost everything I see. That isn't good for anyone's image. Sure, she can sing! Her tunes are haunting and catchy, and she really is beautiful. It's what lies underneath it all that is so off-putting. Her revamped image and robotic demeanor speaks more to people then her actual talent. Anyhow, that is my own personal take on this whole situation. Sound accurate to you? So, having said that—how about this: How is Hayden Christensen in your Blind Vice All-Star gallery? That guy is barely on the radar! He is super hot, so he has that. Write me back! XOXO

Dear No Lana Love:
Sorry, K, but we disagree. Every mega pop star is somewhat a product of the record label, and we think Lana's done a great job staying true to her image, whether or not you think it's fake. As for Hayden? Trust, he's well deserving of his spot in our gallery, but that's all I'm sayin'.

Dear Ted:  
For a while it seemed you were backing off of Robsten's relaysh being on solid ground. But lately again you seem to be emboldened in talking about them as a totally still-together team. Do you know something we don't? Was there a shaky time that's been straighten out? Are you just hearing more now? Or am I off on this? Thanks!

Dear the End of Robsten?!:
I never said Robsten wasn't on solid ground, all I said was to prepare yourself for the possibility of a breakup. While I firmly believe the two are still together, there's no denying Rob and Kris are young and very involved with their individual careers. But we still believe the adorable duo can go the distance. Do you agree, Steph?

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