The awards have been handed out, the dresses and jewels are in the process of being returned and Ricky Gervais is possibly already en route back to the U.K.

But the Golden Globes aren't over yet—at least not until we answer some lingering burning questions from last night's show…starting with just how Kim Kardashian felt about being so prominent a feature in Ricky's monologue…

Hey, give the girl credit for being able to take a joke (or two or five) with grace.

E! News caught up with the reality star at the InStyle Globes afterparty and she said that she watched the awards show at a viewing party and "thought it was great."

Well, if you can't laugh at yourself (and Ricky Gervais), who can you laugh at? Way to be a good sport, Kim.

Now that we've gotten to the bottom of that, here are other burning questions that demand some answers—and, as luck would have it, we have 'em:

Who did Peter Dinklage want us to Google?

When the Game of Thrones star picked up his award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, he finished up his acceptance speech by saying, "Martin Henderson, I'm thinking of you…Google him." Well, you don't have to tell us twice. Dinklage was touchingly referencing his fellow dwarf actor, who sustained injuries after a drunken stranger picked him up and threw him onto the pavement while he was standing outside a pub in England on his birthday last fall (he blames the England rugby team, who attended a dwarf-throwing contest in New Zealand few months earlier). He suffered nerve damage and his preexisting spinal condition was exacerbated by the attack.

George Clooney, Golden Globes

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Where was Jessica Biel's engagement ring?

It was Justin Timberlake's fiancée's first major event since news of her betrothal broke, and all eyes were on that finger of hers as she made her way down the red carpet. Which is perhaps why she chose not to wear the bauble for her photo call. Maybe she gave it to Timberlake for safekeeping, which would also explain why the singer-actor was a no-show for the event. Oh, well. That just meant the fashion world had nothing better to talk about than making comparisons between her white lace Elie Saab gown and possible bridal couture. That'll teach her.

Why, God, why was Ryan Gosling not present at the Globes?

Brad Pitt was there. So was George Clooney. Even debatable Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper was present. But where was Ryan Gosling? Had the ballroom at the Beverly Hills Hilton reached its heartthrob capacity before the double nominee got there? Nah. His rep confirmed he was out of the country, but we much prefer his costar Clooney's take on the situation.

George told the press backstage that his Ides of March cohort was "in Thailand or something, and you know what you do in Thailand…

"You know, he's gotta work, he's gotta earn a living, he's a struggling actor."

Ricky Gervais, Golden Globes

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Speaking of Clooney, why didn't he give Meryl Streep her glasses?

Sure, The Iron Lady's Best Actress speech was one of the nicer off-the-cuff moments of the show, but we all saw Clooney retrieve her glasses and pass them off to director David Fincher to complete the handoff. So why did neither of the bold-named men actually pass them up? Clooney told reporters backstage he didn't want to interrupt the acting legend and then spared Fincher's blushes, telling the press that the director also "chickened out." Guess we know whose next movie Clooney won't be starring in.

What was with Ricky's burgundy suit?

He's British. It's what they do.

Why was Madonna's Globes win extra sweet?

Not just because she provided the most cutting riposte of the night to Gervais. But because sweet is exactly how we'd describe this sort of revenge. Earlier in the evening, Elton John told Carson Daly on the red carpet that Madonna "doesn't have a f--king chance" of winning the Best Song category" (though that's probably because her "Masterpiece" from W.E. was up against Elton's own "Hello Hello" from Gnomeo and Juliet. When told by Daly that "those are fighting words," John responded, "No, those are actual words." Hope they were tasty, because he obviously ate them later.

Were there any red carpet fashion faux pas?

Yep. A couple, actually.

Did the Globes pander too much to big stars?

It's not as if they haven't been accused of it in the past. But you tell us: A silent film ended up making the biggest noise of the night, and Angelina Jolie was denied a Globe for In the Land of Blood and Honey, losing out to Iran's foreign-language film entry, A Separation.

How did Ricky Gervais do?

The ratings and reviews will tell, though most seem to agree that he was…if not more ineffectual than years past, then certainly less biting, being mostly nice to the stars (sorry, Jodie Foster and Eddie Murphy) and saving his most caustic material for NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press.

One of his best lines, after all, was his comparison of the show, saying it was "just like the Oscars but without all that esteem."

He certainly seemed to win the star-studded audience over earlier, with Clooney and Kate Winslet both giving Gervais backstage kudos. Plus, this time around, the presenters and winners, like Colin Firth, Madonna, Gerard Butler and Johnny Depp, seemed to give as good as they got. So can we pencil him in for a four-peat? We're game if he is.

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