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We're going to give Megan Fox the benefit of the doubt. We bet that behind her overexposed ('tho impressive) T&A there exist some acting chops that the babe should be using for more challenging roles than Stereotypical Hot Girl in Robot Revenge 4.

And Megan knows it, too. Which is why the chick griped so often that T-town nemesis Michael Bay only ever wanted to film those infamous "tits and ass."

But hello, there's a tried and true way for H'wood hotties to show they've got what it takes to cut it in this biz—by going ugly. So is the foxy Megan Fox willing to shed her signature sex appeal?

"Um, you know, I did a few scenes like that in Jennifer's Body, where I was a zombie," Meg told us last night at the premiere of her latest flick Jonah Hex—in which she plays...a super hot hooker, damn.

We saw Jennifer's Body, babe, and you were the sexiest zombie we've ever seen. The blood and guts couldn't quite distract from your supernatural amounts of cleavage—enough to get even the undead feelings all hot and bothered.

"I don't rule anything out, if it's a good role, I'm there," Megan assured us.

So are there any roles Megan is totally dying to get fugly for?

"No, no," the star laughed. "That's an interesting question; I haven't been asked that tonight, but, not, nothing off the top of my head that I can think of."

Bummer. Hey, here's a suggestion: why not ugly it up for an Angelina Jolie biopic?

Just kidding...kind of.

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