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Grown Ups, the latest movie from the Adam Sandler clan, is about five childhood friends who reunite on the occasion of their sixth grade basketball coach's funeral. The point—not surprising given the cast—is that you can grow older without really growing up.

The movie's stars—Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider and Kevin James—have all had to face the rigors of growing older in Hollywood. Like his character in the movie, Sandler worries about how to keep his real-life daughters Sadie and Sunny from being too spoiled given their posh lifestyle. Rock, however, has it handled...

"My kids don't have a trust fund, they have a debt fun. And when I die, they're $4 million in the hole," the Everyboyd Hates Chris comic joked at this weekend's junket with the rest of the cast out on scenic Lake Malibou.

With five comedians in the cast (not to mention fellow SNL alum Maya Rudolph, who plays Rock's wife), the guys were hard-pressed to say which one of them was the funniest, although Sandler is a big fan of Kevin James' texts.

"When KJ texts me," says Sandler, "I laugh like a buffoon for five minutes. I don't write that 'LOL' because I'm a comedian and I think other comedians will go, ‘Are you f#@!ing kidding me? You wrote "LOL?"' So I just write back 'Good one.'"

None of the guys could bring themselves to write LOL, in fact. That includes Spade, who was able to drop his pants for a full-on butt shot in the movie. "I didn't wear make up on my butt," said Spade. "I didn't know what you're supposed to do. I go, 'What did they do? Is this just going to look like the lighting from Ralph's? I'm just walking around.'"

And what did he think when he saw his backside on screen? "I saw it and I go, 'Ay yi yi, girls have had to put up with this for years?'" a shocked Spade quipped. "I'm going to go back and high five them all, because that was sweet of them not to say anything. But it's a little porky, I think, Adam said."

"No," Sandler rushed to interject. "It's cute. It's plump."

"One more thing," added James, "a lot of people don't know that Spade's ass is also the model in the Huggies commercials you see. So now compare them, you'll see."

Grown Ups, and David Spade's rump, come to theaters June 25.

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