Simon Pegg, Star Trek

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Yesterday we got Kirsten Dunst talking about her lack of a pot habit. Today, we had to settle for Scotty.

Star Trek reboot star Simon Pegg testified at the rerun trial of a man accused of swiping loot from the New York hotel where the actors were staying while shooting a movie.

Pegg, who like Dunst had to testify for a second time now that the case is being retried, told the jury that his cell phone, iPod and digital camera were stolen from a suite at the SoHo Grand Hotel by the defendant James Jimenez.

"We figured that the floor was secure because of the rigmarole it had taken to get up there," the 40-year-old comic actor said.

Prosecutors have fingered Jimenez as the perp of Pegg's stuff. They also say the defendant swiped Dunst's Marc Jacobs wallet, Balenciaga purse and more than $2,000 in cash.

The burglary took place in August 2007, as the actors were shooting How To Lose Friends & Alienate People.

Pegg's testimony came on the heels of his 28-year-old costar, who took the witness stand yesterday. She shot down the theory put forward by Jimenez's attorney that she or her assistant had invited the man to the suite to purchase marijuana from him.

Dunst admantly denied smoking weed, although she admitted her assistant was known to partake. In any case, the actress insisted that she never allowed Jimenez access to the suite and had never met him before.


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