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While we may spend most of our time talking trash and dishing goss about all the messed up celebs in H'wood, our hearts also lie near and dear to D.C. Hey, we can be political too—you all know how we feel about Sarah Palin, right? And what's the best damn thing about democracy, you ask?

Voting, of course!

That's why we love polling you crazy kids on all the most perplexing, juicy questions that pop into our heads. So once again it's time to rack up the results and share what you thought about relaysh power dynamics, the couple dubiously referred to as Skarsworth, Lady Gaga's vanishing act, and those losers Kate Gosselin and John Mayer.

Now dig in:

1. Men are big babies when women are in charge. If there's one thing we love at the AT it's a strong and confident woman—think of Mo'Nique or Kathryn Bigelow. 'Tho sadly, it seems you agree with us that these glitzy gals, along with other power honeys like Sandy Bullock and Jen Aniston, face relaysh trouble because the dudes in their lives can't handle not being the breadwinner. Totally lame, guys. There's a reason you married that chick and it's probably because she is pretty amazing. So, she brings home the bacon (or, in H'wood circles, snags more awards and attention)—it's nothing to feel emasculated about. Man up, already!

2. Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgård are just having fun. Are they? Aren't they? A.Skars says he's single but is seen traipsing around town with uber-tiny Kate Bosworth. What's the frickin' deal with these two? Looks like you guys were split on whether their canoodling is just a fling or some sort of PR set up, but one thing is very clear: you self-dubbed Skarstans hate this coupling. None of you held back with your super honest thoughts on K.B.—some even called Alexander a total tool for hanging out with her. What'd the blonde babe ever do to you guys—besides snatch your vampy man, that is?

3. Lady Gaga needs to pack on the pounds—and soon. Hmmmm. Consider us a bit perplexed on this one. While nearly four times as many of you thought the always eccentric Gaga has gone too far in terms of weight loss, the comment section was blowing up with people defending the pop stars' uber-petite frame. Some said that she is just naturally skinny, while others attribute any shedding of pounds to L.G.'s super demanding tour schedule; either way, you were adamant that she "looks fine." Is it just a handful of very vocal nay-sayers with warped vision that dominate the comments section, while those who think the singer is wasting away keep their opinion to themselves? 'Tho, numbers don't lie and a huge number of us agree: Lady G should stop and grab a cheeseburger sometime soon.

4. Kate Gosselin will never dance her way into our hearts. Many of you were less than pleased with this years' crop of, as one commenter cleverly dubbed the group, "sublebrities" but there was one contestant in particular that you extra hated: TV mama Kate Gosselin. About half of you dubbed K.G. the show's biggest loser, despite earnest efforts by fellow attention whores Jake Pavelka and Pam Anderson. Another commenter stated she "would rather watch the grass grow than watch Kate trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame." Ouch. At least it's Kate and not lame ass ex-hubby Jon Gosselin—how much more would it suck to watch him waddle around the dance floor in an Ed Hardly leotard?

5. John Mayer is unforgivable. Hell no, you guys wouldn't accept douchey John Mayer's apology for blabbing about your bedroom habits. Nearly eighty-five percent of you voted that, like Jessica Simpson, you would tell J.M. to beat it when he came begging for forgiveness. We're not surprised tho, cause we'd tell the dude the same thing. What did make us scratch our heads were all the nasty comments about Jess, saying that the blonde babe must be loving all the attention she's received from the airing of her dirty laundry. So she made headlines for the first time in...well, a really long time—when life gives you sleazy sex goss make lemonade, right?


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