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We'll get to Katherine Heigl's new hair color in a moment, but first let's talk about her major fashion emergency.

One of her dress straps broke last night in Las Vegas at the ShoWest movie industry convention—while she was on stage accepting the Female Star of the Year Award!

Fortunately, the night's emcee, Billy Bush, quickly came to Heigl's rescue by holding the strap in place while she completed her speech.

"Oh my," Bush posted on his Twitter page. "Hosting showest awards in LV. Heigl comes up to get award, dress strap breaks...I hold her top on while she accepts!" Heigl later secured everything in place with a safety pin.

In way less embarrassing Heigl news...

The actress has finally revealed why she's now a brunette.

She tells me the new dark brown locks are for her starring role in a movie adaptation of novelist Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series about a young female bounty hunter.

"She's a very specific kind of girl, and I didn't want to disappoint the fans because I know what it's like when your favorite book gets made into a movie and it's not what you had hoped," Heigl told me backstage before her dress disaster. "I wanted to go out there and show the fans I'm committed to Stephanie."

She's so committed that she actually made the hair switcheroo without even having a start date for filming. "I've been dying to do it anyway," Heigl said. "I love it. It's a nice change. I've just been so 'the blonde' for so long that it's nice to shake things up."

That's not all I have for you from Ms. Heigl. Make sure to come back here to find out what it was like for her to kiss Ashton Kutcher in their new movie Killers.


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