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Were still waiting on an official confirmation as to whether Breaking Dawn will be split into one or two films (though were still hearing the plan is for it to be two, shot back-to-back). And one big reason for the possible hold-up is that no director is attached yet.

Rumors have been swirling that the fourth/fifth Twilight flick may be shot by an Oscar-nominated (or winning, as the case may be) director such as Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola or Bill Condon


Nothing's been decided yet, says one of our Twi insiders close to the franchise.

Everyone is excited about the possibility of having an Oscar-winner (or nom) direct, but having a golden statue on your resume isn't the only thing we're looking for. Is it going to be a cool-enough helmer who gets the heat of Robsten and the blood-sucking theme at the same time? Why not ask Kathryn Bigelow, for that matter?

And since Summit now has a golden statue on their studio resume (The Hurt Locker, anyone?), the idea of nabbing a big name isn't such a far-fetched idea. Plus, the fact the movies are guaranteed to make millions upon millions of dollars doesn't hurt, either.

"[Coppola, Van Sant, and Condon] have all been talked about, yes," says our insider. "But nothing is finalized."

Wonder if David Slade is a possibility? As Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Wietz are definite no's for the job, what about the Eclipse director?

"His name has been thrown around, too," adds our source.

Translation: Uh, we need to see how well Eclipse does before formally approaching Slade.

Kristen Stewart recently told MTV News she was excited the recent rumors had reached the press.

"I'm glad that's out and about," Stewart said to MTV about the outreach to the Oscar winning directors. "I didn't know that was something that people knew."

Look, we think Gus Van Sant would be a killer find, just wonder if its something he'd be up for.

We also hope Melissa Rosenberg will step up to the plate and deliver us a worthy script(s).

However, we also hear people over at the studio don't even think she's the problem.

It's always the directors fault, for bad reviews, first.


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