The stars weren't at a loss for things to say on their way into the Kodak Theatre for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Miss something?

Luckily for you, we pulled together the best bits:

"Awww, you've always got my heart, Ryan."
Miley Cyrus, when asked if she was in love with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth

"Do you know what a mooney is? Remember Braveheart? [Turns around, motions pulling pants down.] The Academy says they want me to do a mooney."
Gerard Butler, on what he's doing when presenting tonight

"She scared me. She still scares me, but I love her!"
—Best Actress nominee Sandra Bullock, on meeting the real-life Leigh Anne Tuohy, whom she portrayed in The Blind Side

"This day, though, it feels like your good buddy just got drafted into the NBA. It's a great moment for her, and I'm sure we'll find some way to bust her chops about it."
Ryan Reynolds, on his close friend Bullock's nomination

"And I'm happy to do a barter thing because I would like him to play me in a film as well."
Robert Downey Jr., when told Ozzy Osbourne wants the actor to portray him in a movie

"I've always felt very well stroked, very well acknowledged by the whole Hollywood community and all the fans."
Crazy Heart Best Actor nominee Jeff Bridges, when asked if his nomination feels like recognition for his larger body of work

"[Laughs.] I thought you got creeped out!"
Tina Fey, after Ryan Seacrest seemingly pushed her away but was actually showing her where to stand so the camera could get a better shot of her gown

"If fashion was porn, this dress is the money shot, and you know it!"
—Best Actress nominee Gabourey Sidibe, raving about her gown tonight

"I've had practice up the red carpet, out of the house, and as I'm going I'm like, 'OK, can't do that, can't do that.' I'll be OK."
Jennifer Lopez, on managing her gown's train this evening

"All good decisions can get hesitated over, to great effect. 'A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.' "
A Single Man star Colin Firth, pulling out some Emerson when asked if he hesitated before agreeing to do the film

"Those guys hit you in a way that curdles your cream."
Invictus star Matt Damon, on shooting the movie's intense rugby scenes

"Well, I'm just so honored to be in the same conversation with him. It's humbling...really exciting."
—Best Director nominee Kathryn Bigelow, when asked what she'll say to fellow nominee James Cameron if she wins tonight

"His dialogue is poetry. You learn it, and you don't forget it."
Inglourious Basterd's Diane Kruger, on memorizing Quentin Tarantino's script

"It's really the media trying to apply a narrative from the outside."
Avatar director James Cameron, on the "competition" between himself and Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow tonight

"Kathryn's got my vote...with all due respect to [Up in the Air director] Jason Reitman!"
—Supporting Actress nominee Vera Farmiga, hoping the Best Director award sees its first female winner tonight...rather than her own movie's director

"It's tomorrow...We were going to ask you to get ordained."
Nicole Richie, answering Ryan Seacrest's question about when she and Joel Madden are having their wedding

"Oh, I was varnished—it just wasn't a varnish I liked!"
Mariah Carey, when asked about her "unvarnished" role in Precious

"I'm honored. I'm appreciative, but I was as honored when I did Soul Plane, and it got the buzz. I was as honored when I did Showtime at the Apollo...I'm honored for the whole process of what this fantasy land is."
—Supporting Actress nominee Mo'Nique, on how she's feeling tonight

"I think he'd say it was awesome!"
Anna Kendrick, when asked what she thinks George Clooney would say about working with her

"I just need another job, brother...You take it as it rolls...That's why I'm here. You come here; you put your monkey suit on. You come and do what's needed to be and try to get another gig."
Avatar's Sam Worthington, on what's next for him


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