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For some, Oscar is a straight shot to glory: Anna Paquin won one as a little girl, and has made generally good career choices since. Others, like Martin Scorsese, spend years making great movies, to the point where an Academy Award cannot be denied.

But for more than a few of this year's nominees, there were times when they seemed en route to the Razzies rather than the big show.

So as many of this year's honorees prepare to walk the carpet at the Kodak, let's take a moment to remember the films they'd rather have you forget:

1. Shadowboxer, directed by Lee Daniels (nominated for Best Director, Precious).

Hot off the success of Monster's Ball, producer Daniels turned to directing with a far more poorly judged interracial-sex movie. Helen Mirren plays an alcoholic hitwoman who adopted Cuba Gooding Jr. and raised him to be a hitman. She has cancer. They have sex. Then they're sent to kill a pregnant Vanessa Ferlito, but relent and become her bodyguards instead.

In tangentially related storylines, Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes out with Mo'Nique (who plays a character named, of all things, Precious), and Stephen Dorff does a full-frontal nude scene.

Daniels shouldn't have been allowed anywhere near a camera again after this travesty of a tale, but fortunately for him, he didn't listen to the naysayers.

2. Batman and Robin, starring George Clooney (nominated for Best Actor, Up in the Air).

The most obvious pick on our list. Truth be told, it doesn't suck in quite the same way as Shadowboxer. It's at least entertaining, though probably not in ways that were intentional. The wannabe poignant scene where Bruce Wayne (Clooney) kisses Alfred and tells him he loves him is hilarious.

In an ill-conceived attempt to make Batman more kid-friendly and sell more toys, Warner Bros. and director Joel Schumacher laid on the homoerotic rubber nipples and ear-achingly bad puns, amped up the camp, then threw a ton of money at the screen hoping nobody would notice.

Schumacher and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman have taken most of the blame over the years, but Clooney deserves his share, coasting on that nodding-and-looking-down shtick he used to do before Steven Soderbergh made him stop.

3. Twilight, costarring Anna Kendrick (nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Up in the Air).

Just as comic book fans are willing to admit, despite enjoying them, that some Batman movies simply aren't good, so too do Twi-hards need to admit that however cute K.Stew and R.Pattz may be, theirs is a terrible, terrible movie.

We can't blame Kendrick for signing on to take the paycheck and the massive fan base, but we can point out that her entire character arc consists of choosing a prom dress that shows cleavage, then changing her mind and picking a more modest one. You did know that the whole story's a Mormon abstinence parable, right?

4. Gun Shy, starring and produced by Sandra Bullock (nominated for Best Actress, The Blind Side).

Liam Neeson plays an undercover DEA agent with diarrhea. Sandra Bullock falls for him anyway. That is all you need to know.

5. [A four-way tie] Hair Show, 3 Strikes, Soul Plane and Phat Girlz, all starring Mo'Nique (nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Precious).

If critics groups gave out the opposite of a lifetime achievement award, it would have to go to Mo'Nique. Over the years, those of us who write about movies have been forced to actually pay to suffer through her idea of "comedy," as most of the aforementioned didn't even screen for press...yet we had to review them anyway.

So yeah, we poor few who saw them knew full well that Mo'Nique could be obnoxious and terrifying. The genius of Precious is that it finally played to that, rather than trying to persuade us she's appealing or funny—as these movies tried and failed to do. Next up, we suggest she try a slasher film.


Reading our 10 Years of Winners gallery feels a lot like getting your own Oscar.

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