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We get it, already: Heath Ledger's twisted turn as the Joker in The Dark Knight is so good it's disturbing. And we have to agree, this Gotham City thug is one of a very special breed of baddie—those sickos who go beyond freaky, beyond evil, beyond twisted. They're creepy.

Few movie villains have what it takes to truly make your skin crawl, but they're the ones you don't forget.

So who are the creepiest bad guys of all? Click in, if you dare.

1. Frank Booth: Without Dennis Hopper's sadistic, gas-toking, sex-fiend gangster from Blue Velvet, most of these other creeps wouldn't be here. He is their king.

2. Mr. Blonde: Quick tip: Don't pull a bank heist with Michael Madsen's short-fused brute from Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. Guy might cut off your ear and dance around, pouring gas on your head. Seriously.

3. Buffalo Bill: Forget Hannibal Lecter. He eats people, but big deal. The real creep from The Silence of the Lambs is that guy in the basement who's sewing himself a full-body woman costume from actual, lotioned-up lady skin.

4. Michael Myers: He's tall, he's slow, and he just won't stop stabbing people! The most sinister thing about Halloween's inhuman antihero is that he never says anything.

5. That Girl from The Ring: Once she gets into your head, she never comes out.

6. Anton Chigurh: The only thing more unsettling than being called "friendo" by Javier Bardem's unstoppable No Country for Old Men hitman is—right—that hair.

7. Patrick Bateman: Before he cleaned up the streets of Gotham City, Christian Bale wore Armani, traded stocks, listened to Huey Lewis and dismembered women for fun. All while looking fantastic.

8. John Doe: What's eerie about Kevin Spacey is that he can be totally lovable—or just as evil. He's at his worst in Se7en, a sad sack teaching the world a lesson, one severed nose and Gwyneth head at a time.

9. Tracy Flick: She's a monster. Reese Witherspoon's scheming, maniacally peppy class-prez psycho may be the scariest creep on the list, if only because she's so dang cute.

10. Jack Torrance [as chosen by E! Online readers]: As the writer who goes deliciously mad while spending the winter in a haunted hotel with his family, Jack Nicholson reaches new, ax-wielding heights of creepiness in The Shining. "If that does not give you nightmares," says reader Franca, "then maybe you should be on the list."

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