No wonder Jennifer Lawrence has been trying to take it easy in between movies over the last few years—when she was first starting out, she was working, like, crazy hours.

Her always-amusing tales of what it was like as a teen actress making the big move from her native Kentucky to New York and then Los Angeles aside, Lawrence seemed to spring fully formed into the Oscar-nominated star of an acclaimed indie movie, a member of a blockbuster superhero franchise ensemble and then the star of her own YA franchise. Three years after attending her first Academy Awards, she won Best Actress.

And here we are.

But Lawrence's resume isn't all franchises and Oscar bait. With the arrival Friday on Netflix of the 2012 thriller House at the End of the Street—which maybe got a little lost in the shuffle coming out the same year as The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook—we were reminded that there were a bunch of films the superstar-to-be had elevated with her participation over the years.

Or not, but she always tried her best.

So without further adieu, take a walk down a lane of memories you probably never had in the first place:

Jennifer Lawrence - Garden Party - 2008

Lookout Films

Jennifer Lawrence - The Poker House - 2008

The Poker House

Jennifer Lawrence - The Burning Plain - 2008


Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence, The Beaver

Summit Entertainment

Jennifer Lawrence, Like Crazy

Crispy Films

Jennifer Lawrence - The House at the End of the Street


Jennifer Lawrence - The Devil You Know - 2013

RIVR Media

Jennifer Lawrence, Serena


House at the End of the Street is streaming now on Netflix, and Like Crazy, an unequivocally good movie (as opposed to kitsch-good), arrives on Hulu and Amazon Prime on May 19.

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