What Jon Gosselin Really Thinks of Kate's New Dating Show

The former reality star shared his thoughts on his ex-wife's upcoming project.
By Samantha Schnurr 16 May, 2019 1:10 PMTags
Jon Gosselin Calls Custody of Son Colin a "Big Win"

Ultimately, "if she chooses to do that, she chooses to do it." However, he noted during the interview that two of their eight children, Hannah and Collin, live with him and his girlfriend and therefore, won't be on the show. 

With the two no longer together, the other six of the sextuplets, Joel, Aaden, Leah and Alexis, live with Kate, as well as their twin 18-year-old daughters, Madelyn and Cara. 

During the interview, Jon noted their kids are split between three different school districts and, while he sees them, he doesn't have much interaction with the other six that don't live with him even though he lives down the street from Kate. 

He also said son Collin has only had one visitation with his siblings since he's been back, but they are "working on that as we speak right now."