Colton Underwood, Billy Eichner

Rick Rowell via Getty Images

Billy Eichner wasn't afraid to tease Colton Underwood about his virginity on Monday's episode of The Bachelor.

While serving as counselor on a summer camp-themed group date, the comedian asked the former football player about his abstinence. When Eichner asked the reality star if he's ever had a one-night stand, Underwood said he hadn't, noting he felt like "those are awkward."

"No, they're fantastic," Eichner said. 

The Billy on the Street star also couldn't resist having a little fun after Underwood explained he was waiting to have sex until he found love.

"Fine, you get an award," the funny man quipped back.

In addition, he gave Underwood some advice. When Underwood said "there's always room for improvement" if the sex with his loved one is bad, Eichner gave it to him straight.

"Not a lot," he replied.

Overall, Eichner said he was happy Underwood decided to wait until he "found someone who can successfully do a three-legged race," which was one of the challenges on the group date. When Underwood asked Eichner what he looked for in a partner, Eichner couldn't resist having a bit of fun.

"I'm gay—I know that's a shock, Colton," The Lion King star said. "That I think you should look into. Maybe you're the first gay Bachelor and we don't even know. Put that in your promo."

Eichner's comment left Underwood laughing and lost for words.


For the date, the women split up into two teams and competed in a number of camp-related activities, including a relay race, canoe race and tug-of-war. Eichner continued to tease Underwood throughout the events. For instance, when one of the teams struggled with staying on course during the canoe race, Eichner joked, "It's like Colton trying to find a vagina—it hasn't happened yet."

The losing team was then sent home while the winning team got to spend the night at the camp with Underwood. Heather ended up getting the group date rose.

Eichner wasn't the only celebrity to appear in the episode. Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman also helped a group of ladies write material about one of their "firsts" for a separate group date. Elyse ended up getting that group date rose. 

Hannah B. also received a rose after her one-on-one date, and Angelique, Annie, Alex and Erika were sent home.

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