One Bachelor Contestant Is Doing Her Very Best To Be That Contestant

Demi's doing some serious work this season

By Lauren Piester Jan 15, 2019 3:28 AMTags
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Every season of The Bachelor, there's that one contestant. The one whose name everybody quickly knows, the one who everybody hates, loves, or loves to hate. 

Last season, it was Krystal Nielson. On Nick Viall's season, it was Corinne Olympios. Ben Higgins' season had Olivia Caridi, and we're not saying it's bad to be this contestant. Krystal Nielson is now happily engaged and doing great! But we are saying it's a choice to be that contestant, because it can go wrong so, so fast. This year's frontrunner for title of "that contestant" has really, really gone for it. 

You may remember Demi as the girl whose intro package included a call to her mother, who is in jail for embezzlement, and then as the girl who got out of the limo first with the line: "I haven't dated a virgin since I was 12." 

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Since then, she's kept it going at every turn. She took her assignment from Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman and turned it into an excuse to get to kiss Colton in front of a crowd. Not that crazy, but it was what she did afterwards that really shocked the other women: she came back from her one-on-one time and picked up the date rose! When no one had given it to her! 

"Oh, it's my rose," she said, shimmying with the rose in her hand. 

The other women were totally taken aback. Short of breath, sick to their stomach, astounded that Demi would think that was OK. Or really that was just one woman saying that, but it certainly seemed as if others were annoyed by Demi daring to touch that rose. It's just a sign of her age! She's not ready for this! She touched a rose! 



Meanwhile, Demi was playing with the strings on her dress, a bit like a cat, and wondering why the other girls didn't interrupt to steal Colton away in the same way she would. 

In the end, Colton never found out that she dared to touch it before he gave it out, and it turned out to not be her rose. She didn't know what happened, since he loved her confidence so much! 


Demi then took a bit of a break for Hannah G. to have the most awkward one-on-one in recent memory ("Let's make a toast to first it's my birthday, so...") before continuing her wild bucking of unwritten Bachelor rules by donning a bathrobe and interrupting Tracy, who had barely gotten her breath back from when Demi touched that rose earlier. 

Demi took Colton up to her "fantasy closet" to give him a massage while the other girls panicked downstairs. 

"Does she not have parents?!" one wondered. 

"Hey ladies, I totally just had an amazing time up there with him," she announced when she got back downstairs. "I gave him a little massage, just chit chatted with him, we had a good time. I feel like I definitely helped him tonight and I feel really good about everything." 

Demi then learned about Tracy, who was crying. Demi does not care one bit about Tracy (because Tracy's older and age doesn't help you in this game, or something) 

"The cougar attacks do not get to me at all," she explained. "It is water off my back." 



In order to prove that she's the mature one, Demi went upstairs to comfort Tracy by telling her to "just keep doing you" and "you're an amazing storyteller," which was actually surprisingly big of her, even if it was just to assert the fact that she's the bigger, non-crying person in the situation. 

Obviously, she got a rose, because Demi's not going anywhere anytime soon. They're not going to let go of a girl whose hometown date might include a reunion with her mother post-jail! 

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