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Season 2 of Very Cavallari follows Kristin Cavallari as she balances life as a boss, wife, mother, and friend. Kristin and Jay adjust to life on the farm, and while Jay is enjoying his retirement at their new country home, Kristin is working harder than ever to keep up with demands for her exploding brand, Uncommon James. Kristin’s not playing around either — if employees can’t grow with the company, she’ll let them go. Relationships are put to the test all around her, including her own, as Kristin sacrifices time with Jay to grow her empire.


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    Kristin & Jay's Mukbang

    Season 2 (5-24-2019)

    The exotic food & cocktails just keep coming and so do the details about "Very Cavallari" season 2! Watch Kristin, Jay and Kelsey Darragh have some fun while chowing down.

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    "Very Cavallari" Recap: 210

    Season 2 Episode 210 (4-3-2019)

    The "Very Cavallari" star supports Kelly as she weighs her fertility options. Plus, drama erupts in the store and Kristin isn't having it. Watch!

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    "Very Cavallari" Recap: 209

    Season 2 Episode 209 (4-1-2019)

    The "Very Cavallari" duo take their couples trip to the next level when Kristin's friends join them for a wild weekend in Cabo. Watch!

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    "Very Cavallari" Recap: 208

    Season 2 Episode 208 (3-31-2019)

    Can Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler get back on the same page? Is Brittainy Taylor's friendship with Reagan Agee officially over? Watch!

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    "Very Cavallari" Recap: 207

    Season 2 Episode 207 (3-25-2019)

    To get their relationship back on track, Kristin Cavallari works from home to spend more time with Jay. Plus, Kaylee and Brittainy are friends now?!

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    "Very Cavallari" Recap: 206

    Season 2 Episode 206 (3-25-2019)

    Kristin Cavallari definitely didn't invite Jay Cutler's erratic alter ego "Les Mis" to dinner. See what happens when "Les Mis" crashes the party anyway!

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    Kristin Cavallari & LadyGang

    Season 2 (3-18-2019)

    The Very Cavallari star discusses social media with Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin. Then, watch Kristin play a special version of Truth or Dare—and spill major Hollywood tea.

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    "Very Cavallari" Recap: 205

    Season 2 Episode 205 (3-11-2019)

    After an emotional visit home to Laguna Beach, Kristin Cavallari tells her Uncommon James employees to shut down the drama. Plus, see the blind date from hell.