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The Bella Twins live under the same roof as Brie and Daniel Bryan move in with Nikki and John Cena during Nikki's recovery from neck surgery. With three injured and only Brie wrestling, this docu-series follows the odd-couple relationships of these WWE superstars.

"Total Bellas" Recap: 409

Season 4 Episode 409
(Aired 2-25-2019)


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    "Total Bellas" Recap: 409

    Season 4 Episode 409 (2-25-2019)

    In the days leading up to Evolution, Nikki Bella plans a pep rally while twin sister Brie stresses over wrestling and having baby no. 2. Watch!

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    "Total Bellas" Recap: 408

    Season 4 Episode 408 (2-25-2019)

    After some serious talk, Brie Bella & Daniel Bryan make a big life decision about their future. Meanwhile, Nikki Bella's rivalry with Ronda Rousey heats up. Watch!

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    "Total Bellas" Recap: 410

    Season 4 Episode 410 (2-25-2019)

    Brie and Nikki Bella are finally going their separate ways! Watch the "Total Bellas" twins' lives head in different directions in the season 4 finale!

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    "Total Bellas" Recap: 407

    Season 4 Episode 407 (2-20-2019)

    Peter Kraus' post-date etiquette charms the heck out of Nikki Bella & the twins double-cross Ronda Rousey during a tag match. Watch!

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    "Total Bellas" Recap: 406

    Season 4 Episode 406 (2-6-2019)

    Nikki Bella goes on a "very romantic" first date with "The Bachelorette" star Peter Kraus, meanwhile Brie Bella struggles with her comeback schedule. Watch!

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    "Total Bellas" Recap: 405

    Season 4 Episode 405 (2-4-2019)

    With their WWE comeback in full swing, the Bella Twins are stressed--but things get even worse when Brie kicks Liv Morgan in the face!

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    "Total Bellas" Recap: 403

    Season 4 Episode 403 (1-22-2019)

    Nikki Bella rents a house, test drives a Ferrari and may or may not find her rebound guy. Plus, see Brie Bella's reaction!

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    "Total Bellas" Recap: 402

    Season 4 Episode 402 (1-11-2019)

    During a trip to NYC, Nikki Bella's family plays matchmaker and Brie considers a post-baby boob job. See how everything turns out!

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    "Total Bellas" Recap: 401

    Season 4 Episode 401 (1-8-2019)

    Nikki Bella breaks down over her John Cena breakup and Brie disapproves of her twin sister's plan to move to L.A. Relive the entire season 4 premiere!