About Botched

In the multi-billion dollar world of plastic surgery, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…or is it? For some patients, their quest for ultimate perfection ends in disastrous results. World renowned doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow -- the best of the best and leaders in their field — will be tasked with some of the most difficult operations of their careers when they try to reverse the effects of horrendous plastic surgeries..

Cougars and Cobras and Boobs…

Season 5 Episode 517
(Aired 3-27-2019) tv-14


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    "Botched" Recap: 517

    Season 5 Episode 517 (3-20-2019)

    Drs. Dubrow and Nassif reverse two "Botched" plastic surgeries, but not before testing out new products. Watch a recap of the season finale now!

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    "Botched" Recap: 516

    Season 5 Episode 516 (3-20-2019)

    Drs. Terry Dubrow & Paul Nassif go fly fishing before meeting a crash victim at her house in Montana. Plus, can the doctors help a patient with a mommy makeover gone wrong? Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 514

    Season 5 Episode 514 (2-28-2019)

    Jennifer's previous doctor suggested rhinoplasty to fix her deviated septum while Shaina's doc just went rogue. Can the "Botched" docs help?

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    "Botched" Recap: 513

    Season 5 Episode 513 (2-20-2019)

    Can Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif help Mexican model Carmen Campuzano after so much tragedy? Plus, the doctors help a domestic abuse survivor get her dream nose. Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 512

    Season 5 Episode 512 (2-19-2019)

    YouTuber La Demi wants her jaw shaven down while new patients Laura and Erica need their botched nose and breast fixed, respectively. Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 511

    Season 5 Episode 511 (2-11-2019)

    After waking up in the ICU after having surgery, Drs. Terry Dubrow & Paul Nassif plead with plastic surgery-obsessed Amanda to stop getting operations!

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    "Botched" Recap: 510

    Season 5 Episode 510 (2-4-2019)

    Mariela's previous surgeon left her with a "piggy face"--and that's not the worst part. Find out if Drs. Nassif & Dubrow can help!

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    "Botched" Recap: 509

    Season 5 Episode 509 (1-22-2019)

    Jim's dog didn't eat his homework--just his nose. Plus, Tina wants more than 2,000cc implants while Karla's breasts don't match. Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 507

    Season 5 Episode 507 (1-15-2019)

    Drs. Terry Dubrow & Paul Nassif encounter three very different pairs of boobs. Will they be able to help new patients Laura, Danielle and Ann-Marie? Find out!

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    "Botched" Recap: 508

    Season 5 Episode 508 (1-15-2019)

    Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif meet with the "Lip King" again and face two challenging cases. Plus, will Samantha finally get her side nipple fixed? Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 506

    Season 5 Episode 506 (1-3-2019)

    Drs. Terry Dubrow & Paul Nassif meet a dancer with a botched bum & a former athlete with a bad nose job. Think they can help? Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 505

    Season 5 Episode 505 (12-28-2018)

    Will Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif be able to help this "RuPaul's Drag Race" veteran, Trinity? Find out!

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    "Botched" Recap: 504

    Season 5 Episode 504 (12-20-2018)

    Dr. Terry Dubrow & Dr. Paul Nassif are tasked with fixing a "Christmas tree tummy" and enhancing an Irish gal who's a celeb-in-training!

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    "Botched" Recap: 503

    Season 5 Episode 503 (12-17-2018)

    Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif meet with former "16 and Pregnant" star Lindsey Nicholson--but Lindsay has some news for the doctors! Watch.

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    "Botched" Recap: 502

    Season 5 Episode 502 (12-11-2018)

    Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif consult with plus-sized model Natasha and two new patients. Will they be able to help them all? Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: Season 5, Episode 1

    Season 5 Episode 501 (12-1-2018)

    Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif consult with human cartoon Pixee Fox, Tameka "Tiny" Harris' best friend and new patient Nuray. Can they help them all? Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 422

    Season 4 Episode 422 (7-9-2018)

    On the season finale, Nesreen wants to fix her crooked nose and transgender man, Luke, is hoping to get the pecks his always wanted.

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    "Botched" Recap: 421

    Season 4 Episode 421 (7-8-2018)

    Luis wants to transform into a space elf, Stacie hopes the 15th nose job does the trick and Leslie wants competition-ready boobs. Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 420

    Season 4 Episode 420 (6-22-2018)

    Nina wants bigger boobs, Joey wants to flex his muscles and Jessica wants to correct her crooked nose. Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 419

    Season 4 Episode 419 (6-20-2018)

    Detox from "RuPaul's Drag Race" needs help with his abs while Shannon tries to get rid of her "witch nose." Relive the latest episode of "Botched"!

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    "Botched" Recap: 418

    Season 4 Episode 418 (6-12-2018)

    A dog bite leaves Karissa with a gnarled lip, Sharon wants to remove the growth on her butt and breast-enthusiast Allegra wants to fix her lopsided boobs. Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 417

    Season 4 Episode 417 (6-6-2018)

    Rajee is back for another facial surgery and Bryan wants to look like a pop star. Relive the latest episode of "Botched"!

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    "Botched" Recap: 416

    Season 4 Episode 416 (5-28-2018)

    Ottavio wants the pop star look and needs a new nose, Alysia wants to repair her botched breasts and Jessica hopes to fix the dents on her nose. Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 415

    Season 4 Episode 415 (5-23-2018)

    Avery needs help fixing her dented chin and Tristan's childhood cancer left him without a butt. Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 414

    Season 4 Episode 414 (5-16-2018)

    Michael gets his long-term crooked nose fixed and Krystle gets her dream body after a botched tummy tuck goes wrong. Watch!

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    "Botched" Recap: 413

    Season 4 Episode 413 (5-6-2018)

    "RHONJ" star Kim D. goes in for her fourth boob job and Joey wants a narrower nose.

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    "Botched" Recap: 411

    Season 4 Episode 411 (8-18-2017)

    Dr. Paul Nassif puts Brandon's crooked nose back in place and Dr. Terry Nassif has his hands full with a complicated breast case. See the patient transformations!

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    "Botched" Recap: 410

    Season 4 Episode 410 (8-14-2017)

    Dr. Terry Dubrow gives Chanel the "full titties" she's been dreaming of and Dr. Paul Nassif saves Marlene's nose from collapsing. Watch!