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    • 4:00 PM

      Havana Good Day

      The girls jet off for a once in a lifetime trip to the formerly restricted country of Cuba, and...

    • 10:00 PM

      Significant Others and Significant...

      Khlo is upset when she's the last to know that Rob is moving to his own house. Kim begins to...

    • 4:00 PM

      Havana Good Night

      As the Kardashian Cuban vacation continues, Kim's commitment to her work engagements on Mother's...

    • 5:00 PM

      The Digital Rage

      The drama between Rob and the family flares up again after Chyna launches an app. Meanwhile,...

    • 10:00 PM

      All About Meme

      The girls start to make peace with Rob?s new relationship, but feelings get hurt when Rob starts...

    • 4:00 PM

      Blood, Sweat and Fears

      Kris sees Khlo is struggling, and urges Rob to reconnect with his sister and best friend....

    • 5:00 PM

      Love At First Fight

      When Rob and Chyna get into an explosive fight, the girls rally behind them in the hope that...

    • 10:00 PM

      Fake It 'til You Make It

      Kendall, Kylie and Khlo undergo a prosthetics makeover to experience a 'normal' day out. Scott...

    • 4:00 PM

      Khloe's New Breast Friends

      Kim unknowingly upsets her mum after helping Cait get ready for the ESPY awards. Meanwhile,...

    • 5:00 PM

      Lord Disick Returns

      The family heads to San Diego for MJ's birthday, but Rob goes missing after a fight with Chyna....

    • 8:00 PM

      Decisions, Decisions

      Kim and Kylie jet to NYC for Kanye?s fashion show. Meanwhile, Rob struggles to be civil with...

    • 9:00 PM

      The Aftermath

      In the aftermath of Paris, Kim struggles to cope with reminders of the robbery, and Kendall...

    • 10:00 PM

      Kim?s Last Ditch Effort

      Kim undergoes one final procedure in an attempt to carry another baby, but suffers from...

    • 11:00 PM

      When It Rains, It Pours - Part 1

      Kim begins to ease back into her public life, but is blindsided by some upsetting news about...

    • 8:00 AM

      Life's a Beach (House)

      Kris disagrees with Kendall's plan to find a beach house for the summer. Khlo worries that a...

    • 9:00 AM

      Kris's Mother-in-Law

      Kris worries about a visit from Bruce's mom, Esther, as they've never had much of a...

    • 10:00 AM

      The Kardashian Chainsaw Massacre

      Rob shocks everyone when he takes up chainsaw art in Khloe?s backyard. Kim plans to get back at...

    • 11:00 AM

      Backdoor Bruiser

      Kris is confused when Kendall starts spending more time with the Jenner side. The kids try to...

    • 1:00 PM

      Baby Shower Blues

      Kourtney and Khloe plan a baby shower behind Kim's back. Meanwhile, Kris and Kylie plot to get...

    • 2:00 PM

      More to the Story

      Kim pushes Khloe to consider adoption, but Khloe has other things on her mind. Meanwhile, Kris...

    • 3:00 PM

      Paparazzi and Papas

      With her due date approaching and the paparazzi growing more out-of-control, the family wants...

    • 4:00 PM

      All Signs Point to North

      Kim needs to deliver earlier than planned, and Kris prepares the house for her granddaughter's...

    • 5:00 PM

      Close Encounters of the Kardashian...

      Khlo distracts herself by using Bruce's camping trip to hunt for aliens. Kris wants her...

    • 6:00 PM

      Kylie's Sweet 16

      Kylie chooses to plan her Sweet 16 without the help of Kris. Rob has a conversation with Khloe...

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