If you've missed Beavis and Butt-Head lately, take heart: Mike Judge's newest film imagines a world populated entirely by their intellectual descendants. In Idiocracy's future, pro wrestlers and muscle-bound movie stars can win elected office, corporations control government officials and the most popular show on TV depicts a man being repeatedly hit in the balls.
Hey, wait a minute...

Seriously, no one gets rednecks, metalheads and morons quite like Judge, who manages here to revel in stupidity while effectively critiquing it. Luke Wilson plays an absolutely average guy who is inadvertently frozen in suspended animation for 500 years. He awakes to discover the dumbing down of America has reached absurd heights, and he is now the smartest man alive. Predictably, everyone calls him a fag.

The real idiocracy, though, are the Fox executives who decided to dump this, one of the year's finest comedies, in a mere seven cities with no advertising or press screenings--didn't they learn from Office Space? Or realize King of the Hill has been a huge success for them? Uh...that, like, sucks.
--Luke Y. Thompson
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