James Corden

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Prepare for a barrel of laughs and more Vin Diesel appreciation, because James Corden is back!

The Late Late Show host will return to host his second consecutive Hollywood Film Awards, being held this year on Nov. 6 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. 

Since doing the job last year, Corden has become even more of a household name thanks to his wildly viral (and Lemonade-ousting!) "Carpool Karaoke" bit and his bang-up job hosting the 2016 Tony Awards earlier this year. Not to mention, how many other people could top Beyoncé for an Emmy?

Now Corden's comedic timing will be put to the test once more as he is tasked with entertaining a room full of Hollywood's most buzzed-about actors as awards season gets underway.

This fall also marks the Hollywood Film Awards' 20th anniversary. 

With awards such as Hollywood Breakout Actor/Actress, Hollywood Career Achievement Award, and Hollywood Film Award, the show is known as a precursor to the upcoming Oscars as many HFA winners go on to take home little gold men at the end of the annual race for movie-business glory.

Past HFA winners include Robert DeNiro, Will Smith, Amy Schumer and Carey Mulligan, to name just a few.

So, who will take home the honors this year? Has James Corden moved on from Vin Diesel, and if so, who's the next object of his affection? But most importantly, will there be a special edition of "Carpool Karaoke"? We'll find out Nov. 6!

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