Who's ready to sit back and enjoy a new season of The View?

ABC's long-running daytime talk show kicked off its 20th season Tuesday morning with hot topics, political figures and even some A-list guests (hello Tracy Morgan). And after beginning a whole new era, the ladies were able to chat with E! News about what's to come.

"We're going to go as big and as great as we can. Whether that's the guests that we have on, obviously it's a political year and we're going for all the big names. We're just doing it big this year," Candace Cameron Bure shared with us. "It's such a crazy year and it makes for really good conversation."

She added, "Sometimes, even I'm like I don't know where I stand in all of it so it is really interesting and it will be really fun at the hot topics table discussing all these issues."

As an original co-host, Joy Behar has seen a whole lot over the years. But when looking towards the months ahead, the comedian is also excited about the people both on and off the screen making the show succeed.

"I've been here since 1997. To come back, it's been pretty spectacular in a way for me. I like this crowd a lot," she shared with E! News. "It's nice to like your co-hosts. I could work with anybody, but I do like my co-hosts very much. I like the people running the show. I feel like they have an interest in keeping it smart and it's just been great."

But as many fans know, the show hasn't been able to avoid a few crazy tabloid headlines. From reports of feuds to firings, all of the cast couldn't believe the lies being told by some outlets.

"Once you decide you want to play in the big leagues and you put yourself out there, people are going to come at you," Paula Faris shared with us. "People are going to write untruths and that's part of it."

Whoopi Goldberg added, "I don't read it. I've got other stuff to do. I can't read about myself. We're a little old for some of this stuff. If people don't have anything to talk about, they talk about the show."

Ultimately, co-host Sara Haines is glad she didn't believe everything she read. In fact, she can't help but giggle at some of the reports that were spread in recent months.

"The [reports] of fighting behind the scenes makes me laugh a little. When you see us in the mornings, the meetings, I don't even recognize the description," she told us. "I was one of those people that read the articles before I came here and I was like oooh this is going to be tough. I kept looking for it and it wasn't there."

The new mom added, "I would say the most shocking thing is the idea that people are screaming, yelling and throwing tantrums…I couldn't survive in a place that was like that so I can assure you the fact that I'm standing here, it doesn't happen."

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