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It's baby Olive's special day!

Saturday marked the third birthday for Drew Barrymore's daughter and to nobody's surprise, mom decided to celebrate in the coolest way possible.

In an Instagram posted during the afternoon, the A-list actress shared the "radest" cake that family and friends will be able to enjoy sooner rather than later.

"My daughter wanted a tiger cake for her birthday. I just had no idea it would be the radest and most hilarious tiger cake on the planet," she wrote on social media. "Happy birthday to one of my two daughters, who are simply put, my whole universe."

Drew Barrymore, Olive


She continued, "There is no end to my love for them. Three years old. Best three years of my life. #birthdaygirl #tigercake #crazybirthdaycakes."

For those who may be thinking to themselves, ‘Where has Drew been on the big screen,' the Golden Globe nominee has actually been focused on raising her two kids and keeping busy on other projects like her Flower beauty and accessories line.

"Flower has changed my life because it lets me be a mom the way I want to be and I still get to do something meaningful and think about girls and women and empowering messages," she recently told E! News. "I love movies but the hours right now for where my kids are in their life, it's few and far between that I'll work."

Happy Birthday Olive and save us a piece of cake, would you pretty please?

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