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We just found your latest and greatest #ManCrush.

His name? Philip Winchester, and he'll star alongside Wesley Snipes on NBC's new action-thriller series The Player. Winchester plays a former military operative turned security expert who becomes the focus of a high-stakes game in Las Vegas, where a group of wealthy individuals gamble on his ability to take down criminals. But Philip hopes to win his own jackpot prize by taking the gamblers down and avenging his wife's death.

Before The Player premieres Sept. 24 at 10 p.m., catch up on everything you need to know about Hollywood's next mega hunk. You'll thank us later.

Philip Winchester, Megan Coughlin

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1. Awww, Adorable: Winchester is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Megan Coughlin. The two met in their hometown of Belgrade, Mont., married in 2008 and have recently become parents to a baby girl. Philip still keeps the small town near to his heart, telling Belgrade News that the first thing he likes to do after filming is, "go to Bair's Truck Stop and have a coffee with my buddies."

As for sex scenes? Winchester says that because he's married he's "not a huge fan" of stripping down on camera, adding he "lucked out" on Cinemax series Strike Back because his character was more concerned with uncovering terrorist plans than seducing the ladies.

2. Bring on the Stunts: Like his upcoming role on The Player, Winchester is totally game for doing his own stunts.

The thrill-seeking actor discussed one of his favorite moments from Strike Back's third season with Examiner, saying, "We had a stunt this year, where I jump out of the back of a moving van onto a moving car that's behind us. We were only going about 40 km an hour, but if you mess up, someone's going to run over you... I'm holding onto the roof of the car and it's smashing into cars on the side of the road and the glass is coming off of the wing mirrors and stuff like that, so that was a good experience."

Good experience?! Talk about scariest moment ever. We're hoping for more action-packed stunts from Winchester on his new show, as long as he's kept far away from any real danger.

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3. Going the Extra Mile for Roles: Back in 2011, the hunky 34-year-old spoke to Men's Health UK about prepping for his role as the ruthless Sergeant Michael Stonebridge on Strike Back, revealing, "It was mental and emotional training at the same time as the physical stuff. They'd be slamming on you the whole time," adding that learning the ins and outs of life as Britain's Special Air Service was "incredible."

Philip also told Digital Trends it's hard to shake his character's personas post filming.

After spending four weeks in South Africa, Winchester revealed, "My wife looked at me one day and she said, 'It's nice to have you home, Philip.' And I was like, 'What are you talking about, babe?' And she said, 'You haven't been ‘Philip' since you started shooting Strike Back. You've been so intense—checking everything out wherever you go, looking over your shoulder when we go to a restaurant."

4. Tweet, Tweet: Winchester is relatively new to the world of social media. The former Crusoe and CSI: Miami star shared his first tweet just a few months ago, writing, "Wake up. Check. Gym it. Check. Enter the 21st century via Twitter. #firsttweet #nopressure." 

Well, you have to start somewhere! And it's a good thing Philip finally caught up with modern technology—we're hopeful for some live tweeting when The Player makes its fall debut. 

The Player premieres Sept. 24 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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