JoJo McLaughlin, Jimmy McLaughlin

Courtesy: Kevin McLaughlin

Remember at the end of The Notebook when Allie asked Noah if their love would take them away together? Well, get ready to cry all the tears because that basically happened in real life.

Savannah, Georgia, residents JoJo McLaughlin and Jimmy McLaughlin met in the third grade, fell in love and got married when they were just 18. Having spent the majority of their lives together, the couple passed away within mere hours of each other, only one day after their 60th wedding anniversary.

JoJo died Sept. 11, 2015, after a battle with pancreatic cancer, and her husband passed away shortly after from a massive heart attack. The McLaughlin's children held a double funeral at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the same place they were both baptized and married.

The couple's five children told the Savannah Morning News that their father probably died of a broken heart.

BRB crying.

"You could see the sorrow in his face," daughter Suzanne Von Waldner told the publication.

"If the people in this world loved each other as much as they loved each other, we wouldn't have any problems," added Joe, one of their sons.

Jimmy, 78, was still working as an insurance salesman, but he had slowed down over the past year once his wife was diagnosed with cancer in August 2014. When JoJo's health began to decline rapidly in early September, Jimmy had her moved into a hospice center where he invited a priest to give her last rites. While he was there, he told the priest to read him his, too.

Only 12 hours after his wife passed on the early morning of Sept. 11, Jimmy suffered a heart attack while sitting in his kitchen.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the McLaughlin family.

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