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Kristen Stewart is getting candid when it comes to love and drugs. 

The 25-year-old actress, who is famous for speaking her mind and using a boatload of F-bombs, did just that during a recent interview with The Daily Beast in which she opened up about LGBT rights, Generation Rx and her first kiss (spoiler: it wasn't that great).

"Self-exploration goes out the door with medication," she says when the author notes that her latest film Equals, is a "critique of Generation Rx, and how, especially in America, teens are overprescribed and overmedicated."

"You go, 'Oh god, I have a little stomachache,' and they say, 'Here, we can help you with that.' Well, why do you have that stomachache? Maybe it's because your head's in your stomach, so maybe there's something you're ignoring that you can work out." 

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While Stewart makes a solid point about attacking the root of the problem, she fails to acknowledge that some with severe mental illness may need medication in order to live a normal life. 

"The medication aspect I find most interesting," she shares. "I know a lot of people on meds who don't have mental health issues. Not all emotional issues are 'mental health issues.' They do not all hold hands." 

The author then notes that friends who have gone off their meds "seem so much better. They're rawer emotionally, but more real." 

"Yeah. As far as we know, you have one shot at this and it can be so f--king beautiful, so why lessen the feeling of anything? Why numb yourself? I'm not on anti-depressants. I think it's bizarre," she replies (side note K.Stew: not all medication is intended to 'numb' but we'll let that stigmatization slide...). 

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Anti-depressants aside, the Twilight beauty also opens up about LGBT rights and says it's "abso-f--king-lutely...crazy" that some still want to deny a same-sex couple's right to marry. 

Regarding the Kim Davis controversy, Stewart says, "I feel really bad for her. Anyone who's so closed off to things that are so apparent? Imagine what else she's missing out on in life." 

Additionally, Stewart, whose longtime relationship with Robert Pattison became golden tabloid fodder, was asked if she remembers her first kiss since she and co-star Nicholas Hoult share a first kiss in the film. 

"Yes, absolutely! It was horrible! It was so bad," she recalls. "It was f--king repulsive. I was 14 and it was gross. It was not good."

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