Drake, Instagram


Drake is puttin' in work at the gym lately, and we've noticed…

But no one seems more set on reminding us that he's upping his reps with his trainer than Mr. Aubrey Graham himself.

Case in point? Let's take a looksee at his latest (and maybe greatest?) Instagram shot that shows the "Know Yourself" rapper sweating it out to some bicep curls in what just may be the tightest gray T-shirt known to mankind.

We know what you're about to say: But who on Earth is looking at his shirt?!

The answer? Not us. We're way too busy scratching our heads at the Grammy winner's facial expression.

Is it too heavy, Drake? Is it too hard? Did Meek Mill just walk in stage left?!

Is he looking at a mirror? Is that his you-know-what face? Did he just realize his pink shorts don't exactly work with his top?

Seriously, you guys, what the heck is going on here.

And let it be known, that regardless of this (or any) face that Drake makes, we still got love for the Toronto native.

2014 may have been the year of #StarbucksDrakeHands, but 2015 is all about #DrakeFace.

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