Kelly Clarkson

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

We know lumberjack competitions are all the rage in the south, but we had no idea they included an evening wear portion!

Unfortunately, we don't think Kelly Clarkson is going to win it with this entry. The Duets star looks like she's ready to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the lady loggers in this over-the-top plaid. Maybe this material is some kind of family tartan? If so, we'll cut her a little slack, but we're not so sure the Clarkson clan's Texas roots originate in Scotland...

It pains us to pan our favorite Idol of all time, but there's nothing saving this style! The cropped, red sweater is giving us flashbacks to the worst of the early '00s and those low-heeled sandals are too matchy-matchy for our taste.

We appreciate that Kelly marches to the beat of her own drum, but we wish she'd limit that "Miss Independent" streak to song choice and get herself a good stylist to finally handle the fashion end of things.

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