Bethenny Frankel


The divorce battle between Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy is still ongoing.

The two appeared for another divorce hearing in a New York court Thursday morning.

And while the proceedings have bordered on contentious between the former couple, things didn't seem to be as heated today.

An eyewitness tells E! News that they "were seated in halls but do not seem upset."

Jason was dressed in a suit, while Bethenny sported a pair of black dress pants and an animal-print blouse.

Both parties were outside while their attorneys met with the judge, the eyewitness explained.

Jason Hoppy


But one thing is clear (and yet confusing) after today's court appearance, Jason is still wearing his wedding ring.

Earlier this week, he stepped out in NYC wearing the ring as well—a whopping nine months after the couple announced that they were ending their marriage.

Jason was spotted strolling around the city with their 3-year-old daughter, Bryn, who was dressed adorably in a pink dress and colorful butterfly wings.

Bethenny stopped by Andy Cohen's clubhouse for an episode of Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday and opened up about the split and her struggles as a single mother.

"I don't know how men operate in this way, but I have gained so much respect for women and how they can endure so many things," the 42-year-old said about how she's handling things.

"Being a mom and getting their kids to school and going to work and dealing with personal issues. You don't get more than you can take and you keep moving and you prioritize."

The couple announced their split back in December 2012 and have been dealing with ongoing highly publicized divorce settlement issues ever since. 

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