Whambulance Wednesday Soup

This week fellow Soup blog writer Matt wrote a silly post about what celebrity Lulu profiles would look like. One commentor seemed to be a little bit confused.


Now, I could point out a number of issues with your issue, Juanita, but I think the most glaring one is this image from the article:

Soup - Lulu 5

That's Beaker from The Muppets. You know, this guy:


I understand that he is a flesh-toned Muppet, which I guess could be confused for a living human being. But let's take a closer look:


See? Clearly not a real person. I'd love to expand on your complaint more, but c'mon, that's a f*cking Muppet in the damn article.

Also, don't get us confused for journalists. We're not that responsible.

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