Jean Dujardin


Bienvenue, French George Clooney!

That's the loose translation, anyway, of what Jean Dujardin's fans and the media appeared to be feeling when The Artist star, fresh off his Best Actor Oscar win, touched down at Paris' Roissy/Charles de Gaulle Airport on Tuesday.

And, just in case the formidable star's arrival was going to go unheralded (fat chance of that anyway), Dujardin took precautions to make sure the looky-loos got a real eyeful.

He was holding his Academy Award as he walked through the aiport, naturellement!

But while the Dujardin obviously has no problem with photo ops, he did need the assistance of a phalanx of police officers to keep the crowd back as he made his way to a waiting car that whisked him home to his now less-normal life.

No word of whether Oscar got his own seat in first class alongside his new owner.

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