Brad Pitt

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Brad Pitt won an award at the Venice Film Festival for having twins. Forget movies, this whole thing is about those babies.

Haley Joel Osment is indeed still around, and he'll be making his Broadway debut in American Buffalo. Choose your own Sixth Sense reference to go here.

Solange Knowles slipped up and confirmed Beyoncé and Jay-Z's marriage, which they were trying really hard to keep a secret from us. We're exactly not sure why.

Just so you know, Janice Dickinson had a transgendered model on her model show way before Tyra ever thought of it.

Michael Phelps is scheduled to appear on the VMAs as well as host SNL's premiere. Anyone had enough yet?

And because you really do need more photos from Speidi's grocery store adventure, here you go. These kids know how to do it.