Brody Jenner

Courtesy: LG Villa; Jordan Strauss / Getty Images

Do-Me Meter, Awful Truth

B-day boy Brody Jenner flew down to Cabo San Lucas for his big 2-5, and it wasn't long after the plane took off that the shirt to come off as well.

B.J. ain't exactly high in our Do-Me Meter annals of brawndom, but we're as superficial as the rest: We'd do him—we just wouldn't cuddle afterward.

At least the guy knows it's his manly mug and pert pecs that keep his name in the news—that and his pretty reality pets like Lauren Conrad, who was also makin' the party rounds in Mexico. So, Brodes, what's the surfboard hiding there? Some shrinkage? Or something quite the opposite? Do tell.

—With additional English-screwin' reporting by Becky Bain

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