Britney Spears

Fame Pictures

Last week, we told you all about a special hairstyle Britney's mane man Kim Vo was preparing for an epic VMA comeback performance. Unfortunately, it turns out he was only speaking theoretically.

Brit's manager Larry Rudolph released this official statement today: "Contrary to media reports, Britney was never slated to perform on this years VMAs. She's in the middle of recording her next album, which is going amazingly well, and her focus remains on the studio."

Of course, we went back to check with Vo if this was accurate and not some cover for a surprise peformance, but he confirmed:

"Any ideas that we have about her hair are always theoretical. And we always have to be prepared. But she is not performing and so we don't have to worry about that."

So, it looks like we'll just have to wait for next year’s VMAs for Britney to redeem herself.

—Reporting by Ken Baker